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Simplify offers fixed price, monthly subscription, packages that include bookkeeping services, taxes, financial statements and more.  Know exactly what to expect. No surprises.  Peace of mind.

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Bookkeeping FAQ's

Do I need a Bookkeeper?

A lot of business owners start off by doing the books themselves instead of outsourcing the bookkeeping services.  This usually results in short-term cost savings, but ultimately costs much more than hiring the bookkeeping function out.  Books tend to get neglected or done wrong and tax filings are usually missed, resulting in hefty interest and penalties.  

Grande Prairie is a unique area with a lot of oil & gas owner-operated companies who understand their industry and are good at what they do.  Business owners that add significant value can typically stay busy by practicing their trade.  The decision of whether or not to hire out the bookkeeping function boils down to an ‘opportunity cost’ concept.  Does the revenue you generate, by working, exceed the cost to hire out the bookkeeping?  If this is the case, then the answer is easy.  Even when this isn’t the case, a qualified bookkeeper or CPA can add tremendous value and bring peace of mind that everything is being done right.  

Hiring a good bookkeeper, in many cases, far outweighs the cost and headaches of doing it yourself.  Still not convinced?  That’s okay – maybe you should be handling the bookkeeping yourself.  Book a consultation for some free advice and an honest opinion about your specific situation. 

Technology Advantages

Simplify uses secure, reliable, cloud based technology to offer bookkeeping services in Grande Prairie and across Western Canada.  This technology has several advantages over traditional desktop software:

  • Instant access to critical business information, allowing you to make better decisions
  • Shift to fully electronic records through receipt imaging software to assist in CRA audit proofing
  • Reduce paper headaches and streamline your processes so that you can focus on your business

"Hiring a good bookkeeper, in many cases, far outweighs the cost and headaches of doing it yourself."

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