Our Services

Your time is limited and accounting can be a real headache. Let us help you minimize taxes and reduce headaches!

Tired of random accounting bills and subpar service? You should be. Our fixed price monthly cloud accounting plans are geared towards delivering an awesome accounting experience and reducing your headaches. Below are our primary service offerings.

What We Do

Monthly Plans

Check out our monthly cloud accounting plans! Know exactly what to expect. No surprises. Peace of mind.

Corporate Taxes

We'll do our best to optimize your taxes and reduce tax risk. We offer one-off corporate year end services if you’re not on a monthly plan.

Personal Taxes

Use a CPA firm to make sure you maximize deductions/tax credits and reduce tax risk. The software doesn’t do it all for you.


Accurate bookkeeping is critical for saving taxes and keeping the CRA at bay. Bookkeeping is reserved for our corporate year-end clients.